photo: kenzie kalista

We are first and foremost a group of students concerned about the environmental, social, economic and health impacts of our agro-food system. UWSFC members are a diverse group of students from a wide variety of disciplines who’ve come together because we share a passion for improving our own health and the health of our planet. We value student autonomy and ensure that all decisions related to running the business, choosing food suppliers, creating a menu and working with other members of the UW and greater Seattle community are made by students.


  • to feed students healthy and affordable meals
  • to achieve freedom from an unsustainable food system
  • to support and promote the UW Farm and other local growers
  • to enrich student lives with experience in ethical business
  • to educate our community about local & sustainable foods
  • to build a movement and find a healthier way of eating



We want to provide local food to the local community. By investing in our local economy, we are ensuring our investments benefit our community while increasing our own accountability. Furthermore, this will reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that our food is fresh.


We want our food supply to be environmentally sustainable - cultivated in a manner protects agricultural land and environmental resources for future generations.


The production of agricultural goods is crucial to the livelihood of a significant portion of the world population. Unfortunately, most agricultural workers are unfairly compensated - leaving them at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. We aim to source our food from organizations that adhere to policies that ensure fairness for producers. UWSFC recognizes the inherent right of communities, businesses and farmers to grow, sell and eat good food. Good food is locally and sustainably grown; it’s healthy, humane, affordable and accessible to everyone.


We believe that community-driven, transparent, democratic organizatons empower their members to enact social change and ultimately produce a better product. We are a cooperative organization that embraces the seven cooperative principles: voluntary and open membership, democratic management, participation, independence, education, cooperation, and community involvement.