photo: kenzie kalista



"CoFed's mission is to inspire and equip future leaders to create a just and sustainable world through food. CoFed imagines student-run cooperative cafes with a triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) providing healthy alternatives that successfully compete with fast food restaurants."

UW Farm

"The UW Farm was started in 2004 by Keith Possee, Dr. Alan Trimble, Dr. Jennifer Ruesink, Elizabeth Wheat, and several students with the goal of educating the UW community about the global impacts of our food choices. The farm provides a model for reducing those impacts. The farm has been incorporated into the curriculum of classes ranging from ecology to anthropology and serves as a tool to connect the UW community with where and how food is grown."

UW Campus Sustainability Fund

"[The Campus Sustianability Fund's] goal is to create a sustainable campus and foster an environmentally conscious culture by funding student-led projects that lessen the University of Washington's environmental impact"

Real Food Challenge

"The Real Food Challenge serves as both a campaign and a network. The campaign is to increase the procurement of real food on college and university campuses, with the national goal of 20% real food by 2020. By leveraging their purchasing power we can catalyze the transformation of the larger food system. The network offers a chance for students and their allies (those working on the campaign along with those who've yet to sign on) to make connections, learn from one another, and grow the movement"