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Our Committees and Projects 

Food Cart

The UWSFC has been working on various versions of a food cart since the cooperative was founded in 2010. Recently, the cooperative has had enough resources to pursue the project again, which will involve a taskforce process and grant application, with the goal of an operational cart by Autumn 2014.

Bulk Buying Club

The UWSFC Bulk Buying Club will empower students and UW community members by providing a distribution network for staple foods in bulk that are both high quality food and affordable. By increasing sustainability levels, reducing waste, and lowering the overall price of the food we already consume, our bulk buying club aims to implement the general philosophy of the UWSFC and the Cooperative Movement in a tangible setting. This project is a proving ground for our organizational network and community support.


The education committee works towards educating the UW student community about cooperative principles and relevant food ethics topics. We aim to inform the student body about issues in line with values of the UWSFC.  This quarter we are putting on weekly seminars that are discussion based and led by students.

Recipe Testing 

The Recipe Testing Committee meets every other week to test and adapt recipes used for various events on campus, catering occasions, and the co-op’s online website. On a broader scale, we recipe test to foster a creative cooking outlet for students and bring together a community interested in cooking sustainably, locally, and on a budget.


The outreach committe works to spread awareness of the UWSFC and the projects that we're working on by encouraging new members to join and by educating other students about the opportunites that we offer. 

Our Ultimate Goal: Cafe

The long-term vision of the UWSFC involves a student-operated cafe serving local, sustainable, and ethical food and drink. This space will not only operate as a resource supplying affordable food to the community, but will also provide students with an educational resource: we envision our cafe as an educational forum for a spectrum of topics including food justice, community action, culinary arts, and. Our cafe will serve to empower members of our campus and wider community with greater control over their food systems.

Quarter Newsletters

Winter 2014